Not the Messiah (He’s a Very Naughty Boy)

The one-time only live event Not the Messiah (He’s a Very Naughty Boy) is on Blu-ray Disc and DVD on June 8, 2010. 

In 1979, Monty Python’s Life of Brian turned the Biblical epic on its head.  Now, the creators of Spamalot Eric Idle & John Du Prez turn classical music on its ear!  Prepare for Not the Messiah (He’s a Very Naughty Boy), the comedic masterpiece that combines all of the unforgettable humor of the Python’s most celebrated film with the overblown grandeur of operatic solists, full symphony orchestra and chorus. 

Filmed live on October 23, 2009, the performance stars Eric Idle with special appearances by original Python troupe members, Michael Palin, Terry Jones, and Terry Gilliam.

Not the Messiah (He’s a Very Naughty Boy) delivers the magic of a historic performance by members of the Monty Python troupe celebrating their 40th Anniversary with a song oratorio inspired by the cult film The Life of Brian at London’s Royal Albert Hall.  The performance features a rare on-stage reunion of Python troupe members Eric Idle, Michael Palin, Terry Jones, and Terry Gilliam.  Brand new special features include three behind-the-stage featurettes and 6 sing-a-long songs, along with BD-Live™ functionality on the Blu-ray Disc version.  

The Blu-ray Disc also features movieIQ+sync, a new and immersive BD-Live movie watching experience that uses a connected, real-time movie database.  With a movieIQ enabled Blu-ray Disc and an internet connected Blu-ray player, movie fans can dive into continuously updated information on cast & crew while exploring relevant trivia such as production facts, music and soundtrack information, all tied to scenes within the movie. Additionally, movieIQ+sync gives viewers the full movieIQ experience on their computer or iPhone by linking to the Blu-ray Disc.
Not the Messiah (He’s a Very Naughty Boy) will be available on Blu-ray for $30.95 and DVD for $24.96 SRP.

DVD Special Features Include:

* “The Road to the Albert Hall” Featurette – A 30 minute behind the scenes documentary featuring interviews with the cast and crew rehearsing and preparing for the show.

* “Showtime!” Featurette – A unique look at the fascinating backstage mechanics of the show including last minute nerves and excitement, backstage near misses and mayhem and hasty moustache adjustments.

* “The Bright Side…” Featurette – Composer Eric Idle talks us through writing this surprisingly upbeat comedy classic song!

* 6 Sing-A-Long Songs including “You’re the One,” “Take Us Home” and “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life”

Blu-ray Disc Exclusive:


* movieIQ+sync and BD-Live connect you to real-time information on the cast, music, trivia and more while watching the movie. Once connected, movieIQ+sync will display all of the great information movieIQ offers on a computer screen or iPhone instead of onscreen, all while staying synchronized to the movie!

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Running Time: 91 minutes