NOT | GAY: Anthology of Shorts about Gay-Straight Friendships

NOT | GAY is a compilation of four short films exploring the joys and frustrations of gay- straight friendships.

The first one, THE BEST MEN, is directed by Tony Wei.Moments before his best friend`s wedding, Peter gets one last chance to rekindle mutual feelings long suppressed, but not abandoned. Sometimes the perfect reminder of first love`s passion is a simple kiss from the Best Man.

Gay Directors, Gay Films? By Emanuel Levy (Columbia University Press, August 2015).

In KATYDID, helmed by Scott Boswell, Young Skye just wants to have a date without twin brother Leif getting in the way. When Leif lure the girl away yet again, Skye confronts him and learns that all is not as it seems.

FLOAT, the third segment made by Kareem Mortimer, centers on Johnny, a young obsessive-compulsive white Bahamian artist who desperately needs some inspiration. When he escapes to the dramatic island of Eleuthera, he meets Romeo and together the two embark on a series of adventures.

The last one, Jean-Baptiste Erreca’s COWBOY FOREVER, fictionalized from a true story, is a docudrama that takes us on a sensual journey through Brazil`s Matto Gross do Sul and into the lives of Brazilian gauchos. Beautifully shot landscapes form the backdrop for a simple story of friendship and tolerance as Govinda explores his attraction to his fellow cowboy.