North Sea Texas: Gay Coming of Age Tale (LGBTQ, Gay)

Strand Releasing

A touching coming-of-age drama about sexual discovery and navigating through the emotions of first love, North Sea Texas is a familiar tale—really a genre picture–but it’s sensitively directed and well acted.

Pim and his ex-beauty queen, single mother, Yvette, live in a small town on the Belgian coast. Trapped, both physically and emotionally, they both yearn for a new, different, better life.

Pim spends his time drawing and fantasizing while harboring secretive desires for his older neighbor friend, Gino. As a teenager, his infatuation for Gino grows, but his feelings are unrequited and Gino leaves home to move-in with his girlfriend.

Meanwhile, Yvette spends her time drinking and entertaining all kinds of suitors, while longing to travel and see the world.

When things at home take a turn for the worse, Pim finds comfort and solace in Gino’s family, who fully embrace him. For the first time in his life, he understands the meaning of being loved. Then, the psych-social dynamic change again, when Gino returns home.

Gay Directors, Gay Films? By Emanuel Levy (Columbia University Press, August 2015).

The movie doesn’t break any new grounds, but it’s well-handled in all departments and quite enjoyable.


Running time: 95 Minutes
In Dutch with English Subtitles
MPAA: Not Rated