No Skin Off My Ass (1991): Bruce LaBruce Debut Feature (LGBTQ, Gay)

Canadian Bruce LaBruce’s debut feature film, explicitly erotic No Skin Off My Ass, played at film festivals around the world and quickly became a cult film; Kurt Cobain declared it his favorite film.

Grade: B (*** out of *****)

No Skin Off My Ass
No Skin Off My Ass Poster.jpg

LaBruce plays a punk hairdresser, known only as “The Hairdresser,” who becomes obsessed with a mute neo-Nazi skinhead (Klaus von Brücker).

Jonesy (G. B. Jones), a film director and the skinhead’s sister, attempts to bring her brother and the hairdresser together.

The cast also includes Fifth Column band members Caroline Azar and Beverly Breckenridge.

The film’s soundtrack includes songs by several punk bands such as Frightwig and Beefeater.

LaBruce’s debut feature deals with many of the themes in LaBruce’s later movies.

Explicit sex scenes between LaBruce’s character and von Brucker’s are interwoven with a radical political message.

Gay Directors, Gay Films? By Emanuel Levy (Columbia University Press, August 2015).

Bruce LaBruce as “The Hairdresser”
G. B. Jones as “Jonesy”
Klaus von Brücker as “The Skinhead”
Caroline Azar
Beverly Breckenridge
Laurel Pervis
Kate Ashley
Jena von Brücker

Directed, written by Bruce LaBruce
Distributed by Strand Releasing

Release date: 1991

Running time: 73 minutes