Night to Remember, A (1958): Barker’s British Film about the Titanic, Starring Kenneth More

A Night to Remember was adapted to the big screen by Eric Ambler from Walter Lord’s well respected book, which was published in 1955, revolving around the last night of the RMS Titanic.

Directed by Roy Ward Barker, the film stars Kenneth More, a popular actor of the era, surrounded by an ensemble that includes Ronald Allen, Robert Avres, Honor Blackman, Michael Goodliffe, and Laurence Naismith..

The story focuses on the events leading to the sinking of the ship, portraying the major incidents and players in a documentary-style fashion with impressive attention to detail.

The team, supervised by producer  William MacQuitty, had access to blueprints of the ship, which helped made the sets more realistic.

Fourth Officer Joseh Boxhall and ex-Cunard Commodore Harry Grattidge served as technical advisors on the film.

At the time, A Night to Remember was the most expensive film ever made in British cinema.

Elizabeth Dowdell, one of the Titanic survivors, attended the U.S. premiere in N.Y. on December 16 1958; the U.K. world premiere in London was earlier, July 3.

The film received critical acclaim upon release, and it is regarded as more accurate and truthful account of the tragedy than other versions.

Production values of the b/w movie are good.

End Note:

I am grateful to TCM, which showed back to back on March 25, 2018 two films about the disastrous sinking: The U.S. picture Titanic, made in 1953, and the 1958 A Night to Remember, which is superior.