Netflix: Sandra Bullock (The Unforgivable, Bird Box) Praises the Streamer

“It Wasn’t for Netflix, a Lot of People Wouldn’t Be Working”

Sandra Bullock, the Oscar winner and vet star, jokes that without the streamer, she might be “out in the cow pasture.”


Sandra Bullock ended the year of 2021 toplining another Netflix film, The Unforgivable.

It followed the success of her previous outing, the apocalyptic-thriller Bird Box. The latter film, released in 2018, held the No. 1 spot for most watched film in Netflix history until just a few weeks ago, when it was dethroned by the pairing of Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot in Rawson Marshall Thurber’s Red Notice.

Netflix confirmed in recent days that The Unforgivable is among the top 10 most watched titles in the streamer’s history.

“You can’t, you can’t,” she said of obsessing over its value at The Unforgivable premiere in December. But she praised Netflix for employing talent of a certain age. “They’re good to artists. They’re good to filmmakers. If it wasn’t for Netflix, a lot of people wouldn’t be working. Their stories wouldn’t be told. Who would think that me, as a woman, would still be working at this point? I would have been out in the cow pasture. It’s true.”

The 57-year-old actress-producer said that hits like Squid Game wouldn’t happen without the power of Netflix. “That’s one of the bigger ones, but I’ve seen more work from other countries told by other nationalities, and we never would have had that 10 years ago, ever. It brings people together in a way that really, you know, we’re getting more and more divided and yet, we have the streamers that are able to blend our stories together and go, look, same story, just different.”

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Jon Bernthal and Sandra Bullock in a scene from The Unforgivable. COURTESY OF KIMBERLEY FRENCH/NETFLIX
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Orlando Lucas, Jon Bernthal, Veronica Ferres, Nora Fingscheidt, Sandra Bullock, Aisling Franciosi, Will Pullen, Emma Nelson, and Jude Wilson at the premiere. GETTY IMAGES