My Dream Is Yours (1949): Doris Day’s Second Film, Directed by Michael Curtiz

Doris Day’s second film, My Dream Is Yours, also directed by vet filmmaker Michael Curtiz, is a Technicolor remake of Warner 1934 musical, Twenty Million Sweethearts.
The scenarists (Laura Kerr, Larry Kurnitz, Dane Lussier, Alan Rivkin) changed the protagonist’s gender: in the first film, it was a male, singing-waiter Dick Powell becomes a crooning idol, whereas in the remake it is Doris Day.
Jack Carson (who also appeared in Day’s first film and was romantically involved with her) plays the hot-shot promoter who makes a celebrity out of her–not without problems or complications along the journey.
The film’s highlight is an animated dream sequence, directed by Friz Freleng and featuring cameos by Bugs Bunny and Tweety.
Edgar Kennedy makes final screen appearance as Day’s flustered uncle.
The songs include the hit tune from Twenty Million Sweethearts, “I’ll String Along With You.”
Running time: 101 Minutes