My Days of Mercy: Lesbian Romance, Starring Ellen Page and Kate Mara

My Days of Mercy is a romantic film starring Kate Mara and Ellen Page.

The two actresses and close friends had previously collaborated on “Tiny Detectives,” a “True Detective” parody on “Funny or Die” that made fun of their short statures.

“My Days of Mercy” is an unlikely love story between two women who are opposite sides of the death penalty debate.

“It was definitely heavy,” Oscar nominee Ellen Page (“Juno”) said. “We didn’t have that many days and we were sprinting every day, but I feel like whenever I’m around Kate, she’s able to find the lightness and the joy and the fun. She was a comfort to me.”

Mara and Page produced the film, as well as star in it. The two had been looking for something to collaborate on for years, asking their agents to bring them potential projects.