Murder, Inc. (1960): Peter Falk in Oscar Nominated Performance

This fact-inspired crime story, centers on syndicate boss Louis “Lepke” Buchalter (David J. Stewart) and killer Abe Reles (Peter Falk), who squeals on the Mob to earn immunity.

The activities of Buchalter’s murder-for-hire operation are set in a fictional story about a nightclub singer (Stuart Whitman) and a dancer (May Britt).

The rest of the casting is offbeat: TV comedian Henry Morgan co-stars as a federal agent, while Morey Amsterdam plays a cabaret entertainer stabbed by the Mob.

Other actors of the ensemble include Vincent Gardenia, Sylvia Miles, Seymour Cassel, and singer Sarah Vaughan in a rare appearance.

Today, Murder Inc. is mostly known for boosting the career of Peter Falk, who earned a Supporting Actor Oscar nomination for playing Reles, the No 1 hired killer of the mob.

Oscar Nominations: 1

Supporting Actor: Peter Falk


Oscar Context:

The Supporting Actor Oscar went to Peter Ustinov for Spartacus.

Running time: 99 min.

Directed by Burb Balaban

Written by Mel BarrĀ and Sid Feder

Released: June 28, 1960

DVD: May 23, 2006

20th Century Fox