Moonlight: Oscar Winner and Black-Themed Films at the Box Office

Moonlight is the second-lowest grossing best picture winner in Oscar history, behind the 2009 winner, The Hurt Locker.

The 2017 Oscar winner is ahead of other recent indie African-American movies like Dope ($17.5 million), Fruitvale Station ($16.1 million), or Dear White People ($4.4 million).

Ultimately, Moonlight grossed $27.9 million in the US and $37.5 million in other territories for a worldwide gross of $65.3 million, against production budget of $4 million.

Using striking poster art and evocative trailers, A24 had patiently raised awareness for Moonlight, building momentum off of the film’s ecstatic festival bows in Telluride and Toronto Film Fest (in September) and strong critical reception, raising the profiles of cast members like Mahershala Ali and Naomie Harris.

Moonlight should become A24’s top-grossing film ever, surpassing Ex Machina ($25.4 million).

The distributor’s other top-grossing titles include:

The Witch ($25.1 million);

Room ($14.7 million);

Spring Breakers ($14.1 million);

The Lobster ($8.7 million).

Moonlight isn’t likely to cross $30 million domestically, however.

Moonlight should settle for the second-lowest showing for a best-picture title, just ahead of the 2009 Oscar winner, Hurt Locker, which earned $17 million in North America.