Monte Carlo Baby (1952): (aka We Are Going to Monte Carlo): Comedy with Audrey Hepburn in Suporting Role

Monte Carlo Baby is an ultra modest, rather short (70 minutes), black and white British-French comedy, co-directed by Jean Boyer and Lester Fuller.

It’s known today for featuring an early, supporting performance by Audrey Hepburn as a spoiled and temperamental actress.

It was during the filming of this movie that Hepburn was first discovered by the playwright Colette and chosen for the lead role in the play Gigi, which would lead to her acting career in Hollywood.

Monte Carlo Baby was produced in the English language. However, a second version of the film was made in the French language. Since Hepburn was fluent in French, she played the same role (although the character’s name was changed).

Paul Mizrahi scored the movie, which includes a very popular French song, “Toi mon amour, tu a raison), which is repeated several times, sung as solo, duet, and in groups.

This version of the film was released in 1952 as Nous irons à Monte Carlo (We’re Going to Monte Carlo aka To Monte Carlo We Go).


  • Audrey Hepburn as Linda Farrel / Melissa Farrell
  • Jules Munshin as Antoine
  • Cara Williams as Marinette
  • Michele Farmer as Jacqueline
  • Philippe Lemaire as Philippe Versaint
  • Russell Collins as Max
  • John Van Dreelen as Rudy Walter
  • Georges Lannes as Detective
  • Marcel Dalio as Melissa Farrell’s Agent, Dalio
  • André Lugut as Chattenay-Maillaard
  • Ray Ventura as Ray Ventura – Orchestra Leader