Moments Like This Never Last: Directed by Downtown New York Artist Cheryl Dunn’s

Directed by Cheryl Dunn

November 6

One of the most prolific downtown New York artists, Dash Snow’s work as a graffiti artist and photographer prevails in Cheryl Dunn’s loving and expansive documentary Moments Like This Never Last.

Snow was catapulted into the international art world with his extensive documentation of friends and fellow artists, many works of which depict graphic sex and drug-taking.

Tragic Death

His life tragically ended abruptly after he overdosed on heroin in 2009.

A contemporary of Ryan McGinley and Dan Dolen, Snow’s work lives on in the countless artists he inspired, and the shape-shifting way he adapted into rapidly branded art world.

Available exclusively on MUBI.

US & Canada
Running time: 97 minutes