Mob, The (1951): Crime Noir Thriller, Starring Oscar-Winner Broderick Crawford

Robert Parrish directed The Mob, a crime noir thriller, starring Oscar-winner Broderick Crawford.

Johnny Damico (Broderick Crawford), a tough detective going home one night, finds himself just a few feet from a shooting on a dark street, where the gunman claims to be a detective from another precinct, flashing a real badge—and then slipping away.

Damico discovers that the victim of the shooting was a witness set to appear before a grand jury investigating waterfront crime, and that the same man who shot him also murdered the chief investigator on the case just a few hours earlier (which is where the badge came from).

Damico is given the chance to redeem himself—he’s sent undercover and given a new identity as New Orleans tough-guy Tim Flynn, who insinuates himself onto the New York waterfront.

He hooks up with union thug Joe Castro (Ernest Borgnine) and his strong-arm man Gunner (Neville Brand), who try to frame him for a murder that also gets a potential stoolie Culio (Frank DeKova) out of the way and that hooks Damico up with crooked police sergeant Bennion (Walter Klavun) who arrests him.

After following one blind alley involving a federal agent Thomas Clancy (Richard Kiley) working as a longshoreman, Damico gets an intro to Blackie Clegg (Matt Crowley).

Broderick Crawford as Johnny Damico
Betty Buehler as Mary Kiernan
Richard Kiley as Thomas ‘Tom’ Clancy
Otto Hulett as Police Lt. Banks
Matt Crowley as Smoothie
Neville Brand as Gunner
Ernest Borgnine as Joe Castro
Charles Bronson as longshoreman uncredited
Jean Alexander as Doris Clancy
Walter Klavun as Police Sgt. Bennion
Lynn Baggett as Peggy Clancy (as Lynne Baggett)
Ralph Dumke as Police Commissioner
John Marley as Tony


TCM showed the movie on November 12, 2020.