Minding the Gap: Top Winner of 2018 IDA Documentary Awards

Bing Liu’s Minding the Gap won the 2018 top honors at the 34th Annual IDA Documentary Awards.

The  perceptive, sharply observed portrait of a group of skateboarders earned Best Feature, Emerging Filmmaker and Best Editing.

Liu had accepted a Special Jury Award for Breakthrough Filmmaking at the 2019 Sundance Film Fest, in January, where the POV film was acquired by Hulu.

Other winners include Floyd Russ’s “Zion” (Best Short), Netflix’s “Wild Wild Country” (Best Limited Series), HBO’s “John McCain: For Whom the Bell Tolls” (the ABC News VideoSource Award), PBS’ POV (Best Curated Series), Showtime’s “The Trade” (Best Episodic Series), MEL Films (Best Short Form Series), and Jayisha Patel’s “Circle” (the David L. Wolper Student Documentary Award).

Melissa Haizlip’s “Mr. SOUL!” and Steve Loveridge’s “MATANGI / MAYA / M.I.A.” won Best Music Documentary.

“Bisbee ’17” and “Hale County This Morning This Evening” were awarded Best Music Score.

The New York Times’ “Caliphate” won the inaugural Best Audio Documentary category.