Men Are Such Fools (1937): Busby Berkeley’s Romantic Comedy, Starring Wayne Morris, Priscilla Lane, and Bogart (Before he became Star)

Directed by Busby Berkeley and written by Norman Reilly Raine and Horace Jackson, Men Are Such Fools stars Wayne Morris, Priscilla Lane, Humphrey Bogart, Hugh Herbert, Johnnie Davis, and Penny Singleton.

The film was released by Warner on July 16, 1938.

The movie is adapted from Faith Baldwin’s novel by the same name, Men Are Such Fools.

Priscilla Lane plays Linda Lawrence, an assistant to executive Mr. Bates at a New York advertising agency called Americo. She strives to do her best work at Americo–but not as traditional woman. She has some ideas to pitch to Mr. Bates, but she is repeatedly interrupted by Jimmy Hall, an ex-football star now co-worker.

Hall claims he loves her, and Lawrence entertains him and eventually does fall in love with him. However, she wants her primary focus to be her career.

As she tries to get promoted through hard work, Hall tries to advance on her as a love interest.

Lawrence has others after her romantically, such as Harry Galleon (Bogart) the company’s exec who could help further her career.

This romantic comedy female independence and wits while also showing how Lawrence balances the two, love life and career.

Wayne Morris as Jimmie Hall
Priscilla Lane as Linda Lawrence
Humphrey Bogart as Harry Galleon
Hugh Herbert as Harvey Bates
Johnnie Davis as Tad Turkel
Penny Singleton as Nancy
Mona Barrie as Bea Harris
Vivienne Osborne as Lili Arno
Marcia Ralston as Wanda
Gene Lockhart as Bill Dalton
Kathleen Lockhart as Mrs. Dalton
Donald Briggs as George Onslow
Nedda Harrigan as Mrs. Nelson
Eric Stanley as Mr. Nelson
Claud Allister as Rudolf
Renie Riano as Mrs. Pinkel