Memory Thief, The

Laemmle Theatres and Seventh Art Releasing present “The Memory Thief,” the aptly titled story of Lukas (Mark Webber), an aimless young man in contemporary L.A. who buries thoughts of his own past in the humdrum routine of a tollbooth clerk.

Things change when a chance encounter with a Holocaust survivor suddenly brings into focus a world and an identity he embraces with frightening intensity–the victimized Jews of World War II.

As Lukas, a non-Jew, begins to enthusiastically act out his newfound obsession, he discovers that survivor’s guilt isn’t just for the Jews anymore.

“The Meory Thief,” starring Mark Webber (Todd Solondz’s “Storytelling”), is an audacious psychological thriller in the tradition of “Taxi Driver.” Thematically, the film also recalls Joseph Losey’s Holocaust-identity drama, “Mr. Klein,” with Alain Delon.

Rachel Miner (“The Black Dahlia”) and Jerry Adler (“The Sopranos”) co-star.

The exclusive Los Angeles engagement will begin on Friday, May 30, at the Music Hall in Beverly Hills.

Running Time: 92 Minutes. The movie is Unrated.