Man from Wyoming (1930): Starring Gary Cooper

When war is declared, Jim Baker (Gary Cooper) and his buddy Jersey, who work on bridge construction in Wyoming, join the Army and are sent to France with the Engine Corps. Jim is a Captain and Jersey his lieutenant. 
Patricia Hunter (June Collyer), a former American society girl, is an ambulance driver there, a job she got through her uncle, Major-General Hunter. Bored, she goes A.W.O.L. and wanders into Jim’s company. When she draws enemy shellfire, Jim is forced to arrest her.  The company is relieved, and Jim marches his group back, treating Pat as roughly as his men, yet admires her stamina. Impetuously, he marries her and they spend their honeymoon in a French village.
Jim is sent back to the front and Pat returns to her unit to face court-martial. Meanwhile, Jim’s company runs into heavy fire and he is reported killed in action. The news reaches Pat and she retires to a villa in Nice. To forget her loss, she becomes a hostess of wild parties for officers.
Badly wounded, Jim is sent to the villa to recover, and is shocked to find Pat there. Misconstruing her gaiety, Jim doesn’t believe she has grieved for him. When he asks her to accompany him back to Wyoming, she refuses. Dejected, Jim returns to the front. Pat, now aroused, hurries after him. After the Armistice, the lovers reunite in the same town they were married.
Gary Cooper (Jim Baker)
June Collyer (Patricia Hunter)
Regis Toomey (Jersey)
Morgan Farley (Lieutenant Lee)
E.H. Calvert (Major-General Hunter)
Mary Foy (Inspector)
Emile Chautard (French Mayor)
Ed Deering (Sergeant)
William B. Davidson (Major)
Ben Hall (Orderly)
Hall Parker
A Paramount Picture.
Director: Rowland V. Lee.
Scenarists: John V.A. Weaver, Albert Shelby LeVino.
Photographer: Harry Fischbeck.
Editor: Robert Bassler.
Sound Recorder: Eugene Merritt.
From a story by Joseph Moncure March and Lew Lipton.