Lucky Partners (1940): Lewis Milestone’s Romantic Comedy, Starring Ronald Colman and Ginger Rogers

Lewis Milestone directed the romantic comedy Lucky Partners, based on the 1935 Sacha Guitry film Good Luck, starring Ronald Colman and Ginger Rogers marking their only film together, and Rogers’ eleventh and final film written by Allan Scott.

Colman plays portrait painter and caricaturist David Grant, newly arrived in Greenwich Village, wishes Jean Newton (Rogers) good luck on a whim as they pass on the sidewalk.

When Jean delivers books, a woman makes her the gift of an expensive dress. She is quarreling with her son-in-law, who had given the dress to his wife. Believing David to be lucky, Jean asks him to partner with her on a ticket for the Irish Sweepstakes. He agrees only on condition that, if their horse wins, she accompany him on a platonic trip before settling down to married life in Poughkeepsie, New York.

She and her fiancé, Frederick “Freddie” Harper (Jack Carson), are dubious about the proposition, but he talks them into it.

Ronald Colman as David Grant
Ginger Rogers as Jean Newton
Jack Carson as Frederick Harper
Spring Byington as Aunt Lucy, Jean’s relative and co-worker
Cecilia Loftus as Mrs. Alice Sylvester
Harry Davenport as Judge
Leon Belasco as Nick #1, one of two Nicks who sell Jean and David their ticket
Walter Kingsford as Wendell, David’s lawyer
Lucile Gleason as Ethel’s Mother, who gives Jean a dress

TCM showed the movie on March 13, 2020.