Love on a Pillow: Brigitte Bardot in Vadim’s Romantic Melodrama, Starring Robert Hossein

The French film Love on a Pillow, starring sex symbol Brigitte Bardot, was directed by Roger Vadim in 1962, after the couple had divorced (in 1957).

The French title Le repos du Guerrier literally translates as Warrior’s Rest, but in the US it was released as Love on a Pillow.

Bardot plays Geneviève Le Theil, a financially independent Parisian woman who is engaged to Pierre.

When she goes to Dijon to collect an inheritance, Genevieve enters the wrong hotel room and accidentally foils the suicide of a penniless alcoholic, Renaud Sarti (Robert Hossein), who has taken an overdose of sleeping pills.

Renaud seduces Geneviève and persuades her to take him with her to Paris. Once there she severs ties with her mother, her friends, and Pierre, despite the fact that Renaud treats her badly.

When Renaud picks up a prostitute, Genevieve leaves him.

“I want to be part of the human species,” he claims.  “Marry me.”

The film was shot in Paris and in Italy’s Firenze.


Brigitte Bardot as Geneviève Le Theil

Robert Hossein as Renaud Sarti

James Robertson-Justice as Katov

Macha Méril as Raphaele

Yves Barsacq as Hotel manager

Jacqueline Porel as Geneviève’s mother

Jean-Marc Bory as Pierre

Christian Melsen as Police inspector

Michel Serrault as Varange