Love Has Many Faces (1965): Trashy Melodrama of Sex-Starved American Women, Starring Lana Turner

Made just before Madame X, Love Has Many Faces is another trashy Lana Turner melodrama designed to maintain her stature as a viable actress.

This star vehicle–Turner gets top billing–is slightly elevated by Edith Head’s costumes (a dozen different bathing suits that display Turner’s shapely body and legs to an advantage) and Nancy Wilson’s title song.

Haphazardly directed by Alexander Singer, and written by Marguerite Roberts, the film’s subtext is far more interesting than the text.

The lurid tale concerns the lusty intrigues of sex-starved middle-aged American women, fighting for and paying for the amorous gigolos in the lush site.

When a dead American “beach boy” is washed up on a beach in Acapulco, the police suspect it was murder. Lieutenant Riccardo Andrade (Enrique Lucero of the Mexican police interviews all the suspects.

Prime among them is Hank Walker (Huge O’Brian), a beach boy-gigolo, always clad in tight swim suit, who tends to blackmail the lonely vacationing American women.

Cliff Robertson plays the male lead, Pete Jordan, a former beach boy who married rich American Kit (Lana Turner). Kit met Pete when he was selling his blood and bought all of him.

The dead man was wearing a bracelet engraved “Love Is Thin Ice,” which was given to him by Kit, while they had an affair.

Things get a bit more complicated when the young girlfriend of the dead American, Carol Lambert (Stefanie Powers), arrives in Mexico to find out for herself the doings of her former boyfriend.


Lana Turner as Kit Jordan

Cliff Robertson as Pete Jordan

Hugh O’Brian as Hank Walker

Ruth Roman as Margot Eliot

Stefanie Powers as Carol Lambert

Virginia Grey as Irene Talbot

Ron Husmann as Chuck Austin

Enrique Lucero as Lieutenant Riccardo Andrad

Carlos Montalban as Don Julia

Jaime Bravo as Manuel Pere

Fanny Schiller as Marie

Rene Dupeyron as Ramos