Lonesome: Craig Boreham’s Australian Sexually Explicit Drama (LGBTQ, Gay)


In this sexually explicit drama, a scandal drives a young gay man from his small Australian town to Sydney, where he seeks affection and fulfillment and meets another scarred, isolated young man similarly exploring his desires.


Casey and Tib may feel lost but, for one brief moment in time, they found each other.

The reticent Casey (Josh Lavery) is hitchhiking across rural Australia, stealing liquor bottles oblivious clubgoers and having anonymous sex in truck-stop bathrooms.

When he finally makes it to the big city of Sydney, where his cowboy hat and small-town demeanor make him stick out, he signs up for a Grindr-like app and finds himself in high demand.

Gay Directors: Almodovar, Haynes, Van Sant, John Waters. By Emanuel Levy (Columbia University Press).

It’s through one of these hookups that he meets city lad Tib (Sudanese-Egyptian actor Daniel Gabriel), to whom he is instantly attracted.

As Casey crashes on Tib’s couch and assists him in TaskRabbit-esque odd jobs around the city, the two grow close enough to share their emotional wounds.

Both are damaged souls. Casey is running from a small-town scandal, while Tib is dealing with legal issues related to his immigrant mother.

Though sexually explicit, this film from Berlinale Teddy Award nominee Craig Boreham is also a sensitive and timely story of emotional connection, about searching for affection and fulfillment after great loss.

Writer-director Craig Boreham’s sexually explicit queer cowboy odyssey refuses to judge its principal character, even as he blurs the line between desire and transaction.

The film is an intimate study of emotionally scarred strangers who find communion intercourse.

The film’s sex-positive attitude and nudity should facilitate play at LGBTQ festivals, following screenings at Seattle and San Francisco Frameline.




Director: Craig Boreham

Principal Cast: Josh Lavery, Daniel Gabriel, Anni Finsterer, Ian Roberts

Running Time: 95 min

Producer: Ulysses Oliver, Dean Francis, Ben Ferris, Craig Boreham

Screenplay: Craig Boreham

Cinematographers: Dean Francis

Editors: Danielle Boesenberg

Music: Tony Buchen

US Distributor: Wolfe Video