Lilac Time (1928): Fitzmaurice’s Silent Romantic War Film, Starring Colleen Moore and Gary Cooper

George Fitzmaurice directed Lilac Time, a silent romantic war film, starring Colleen Moore and Gary Cooper.

Lilac Time
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Theatrical release poster

The tale concerns young American aviators fighting for Britain during World War I, billeted in a field next to a farmhouse in France.

The daughter who lives on the farm meets one of the new aviators who is attracted to her. As the flyers head off on a mission, the young aviator promises to return for her.

Lilac Time was produced by John McCormick (Moore’s husband), and distributed by First National Pictures. The film is based on a 1917 Broadway play written by Jane Murfin and actress Jane Cowl, who adapted the story from a novel by Guy Fowler.

Lilac Time contains elements of slapstick comedy, romantic melodrama, and spectacular aerial action sequences.