Life of Crime: Poor Elmore Leonard Adaptation

life_of_crime_3_anistonOne of the worst–if not the very worst–big-screen adaptation of Elmore Leonard, Life of Crime, based on his 1978 novel The Switch, is a misguided effort on any level, despite the caliber of the appealing cast.

Moss Def (yasiin bey) and John Hawkes play small-time crooks who kidnap a rich Detroit housewife (Jennifer Aniston) and demand $1 milion from her no-good husband (Tim Robbins).  Needless to say, they are inept.


life_of_crime_1_anistonThe filmmaker–Daniel Schechter wrote an directed–seems to have spent more time on production design and period details than on a workable scrip with decent plot and engaging characters.

Anniston is not a particularly good actress, but she is one of Hollywood’s three highest paid women, and so one would expect her to choose better vehicles.  In this film, playing an underwritten role, she is more underwhelming than the usual.