Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean, The (1972): Huston’s Western, Starring Paul Newman as Outlaw

One of John Huston’s weakest films, The Life and Time of Judge Roy Bean suffers from a poor, rambling screenplay by John Millius.

The all-star cast includes Ava gardner as Lily Langtry, Victoria Principal, Jaqueline Bisset, Anthony Perkins, Tab Hunter, Stacy Keach, Roddy McDowall, and Ned Beatty.

Oscar Nominations: 1

Song: Marmalade, Molasses & Honey, music by Maurice Jarre, lyrics by Marilyn Bergman and Alan Bergman

Oscar Awards: None

Oscar Context:

The winners of the Song Oscar were Al Kasha and Joel Hirschhorn for The Morning After from the movie The Poseidon Adventure.