Lewis Hamilton Racing Movie: Bidding War Over Brad Pitt and Joe Kosinski

Lewis Hamilton Racing Project Leads to Studios, Streamers Bidding War

Producer Jerry Bruckheimer and screenwriter Ehren Kruger are also involved in the blockbuster pitch package.

A bidding war erupted for a racing movie featuring bold-faced names and A-level talent.

The untitled project has Brad Pitt attached to star and Joseph Kosinski, the filmmaker behind the upcoming Top Gun: Maverick, attached to direct.

Veteran mega-producer Jerry Bruckheimer and screenwriter Ehren Kruger, who worked with Kosinski on Maverick, are also part of the blockbuster pitch package.

Offers have been coming in from studios Paramount, MGM, Sony and Universal as well as streamers Netflix, Apple and Amazon. Even Disney, which normally sits out these kinds of races, is on the course for this one.

The story isn’t clear yet, but sources say that Lewis Hamilton, the British modern racing legend, is involved with the project.

Pitt and Kosinski have long tried to make a racing movie.

In 2013, Pitt circled Go Like Hell, which had Kosinski attached along with Tom Cruise. That project eventually morphed into Ford v. Ferrari with a whole new actor and director combination.

Hollywood has always showed fascination for cars barreling down the tracks, with the sport having visual appeal, high stakes drama and both hot-headed and cold-blooded personalities.

The sport attracts Hollywood players, best embodied by the legendary Steve McQueen and Paul Newman.

Some movies did not find an audience, like Ron Howard’s well-regarded but commercial flop, Rush.

Others were successful, such as the 2019’s Ford v Ferrari, which got box office and Oscar attention.

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