Last Laugh, The (1924): Murnau’s Silent German Film, Starring Jannings

Germany Silent Masterpiece.

Directed by F. W. Murnau. Written by Carl Mayer. Photographed by Karl Freund. With Emil Jannings, Maly Delschaft, Max Hiller.

Murnau (1888–1931), the greatest of the German directors of the Expressionist period, is among the most influential filmmakers who have ever lived.

His style, which incorporated use of a moving camera, angled shots, and the creative use of light and shadow, was the antithesis of the montage technique developed by Sergei Eisenstein and other Soviet directors.

The Last Laugh features a brilliantl performance from Emil Jannings (1884–1950) in his role as a proudly uniformed doorman who is demoted to men’s room attendant.

Running time: 80 Minutes