Landscapes of Resistance: Marta Poivoda’s documentary about Female Partisan in Yugoslavia

New York-based distribution company Grasshopper has acquired USA non-theatrical and digital distributions rights for Marta Poivoda’s documentary Landcapes of Resistance / Pejzaži otpora. 

The French/Serbian/German coproduction was given the Heart of Sarajevo Award for best documentary at the 27th Sarajevo Film Fest.

The film tells the story of Sonja, one of the first female partisans in Yugoslavia and a member of the resistance in Auschwitz.

For over ten years, Popivoda and Sonja’s granddaughter, co-writer Ana Vujanović, recorded their conversations with the former resistance fighter. The documentary travels through the landscapes of her revolutionary past, as her memories start to intertwine with the filmmakers’ own confrontation with rising fascism in Europe today.

Marta Popivoda, who lives in Germany, wrote the script together with Ana Vujanović and serves as co-producer.

The film premiered in the competition programme of the Rotterdam IFF last winter, and received awards at the Jeonjou IFF, the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival and Cinema du Réel in Paris.

The domestic premiere has been set for the Belgrade’s Beldocs International Documentary Film FF September 9-16, 2021.

Landscapes of  Resistance was produced by Jasmina Sijerčić for France’s Bocalupo Films together with Dragana Jovović and Marta Popivoda for Serbia’s Theory at Work, and La Lucarn’ (France).

Marta Popivoda lives in Germany and she is the German coproducer although without a German production house.