Labyrinth of Lies: German Post-WWWII Drama

Sony Pictures Classics has acquired North American rights to post-World War II drama “Labyrinth of Lies,” a day before its world premiere at the Toronto Film Fest.

The story of Giulio Ricciarelli’s directorial debut is set amid the economic miracle that is changing the life of Germans 20 years after the war when a journalist (Andre Szymanski) identifies a teacher in the playground as a former guard from Auschwitz. A young prosecutor (Alexander Fehling) takes on the case and can‘t be stopped, even by his boss.

“Of all the films available for acquisition at the Toronto International Film Festival, ‘Labyrinth of Lies’ is the gem under the rock,” Sony Classics said. “A riveting, true story about witnesses to atrocities during WWII Germany and the aftermath in post war Germany in the 20 years that followed.”

Sony Classics has partnered with Beta Cinema previously on “The Lives of Others” and “The Counterfeiters” — both of which won the Best Foreign Language Oscar — along with “In Darkness and recent release “The Notebook.”