La Llorona: Guatemala’a Oscar Entry


LA LLORONA marks Bustamante’s third feature, demonstrating his continued efforts to highlight social inequality in his native Guatemala following his previous titles TEMBLORES (2019) and IXCANUL (2016).





Shudder presents the third feature from iconic Guatemalan filmmaker Jayro Bustamente, LA LLORONA.

This genre film blends together the terror of both myth and reality into a devastating expose of the genocidal atrocities against the Mayan community in Guatemala.

Through a modern retelling of the classic Latin American legend, LA LLORONA forces a reckoning with not-so-distant crimes which should not have been forgotten.

After premiering at the 2019 Venice Film Festival where the film won Best Film (Venice Days), LA LLORONA had  impressive festival tour with appearances at TIFF, Sundance and BFI.

The film is being celebrated as the latest addition to the exciting genre of modern horror, to be held amongst films like GET OUT, THE BABADOOK, and IT FOLLOWS, and a true depiction of Latinx culture. Shudder released the film on August 6, 2020.

Indignant retired general Enrique finally faces trail for the genocidal massacre of thousands of Mayans decades ago. As a horde of angry protestors threatens to invade their opulent home, the women of the house – his haught wife, conflicted daughter, and precocious granddaughter – weigh their responsibility to shield the erratic, senile Enrique against the devastating truths behind being publicly revealed and the increasing sense that a wrathful supernatural force is targeting them for his crimes. Meanwhile, much of the family’s domestic staff flees, leaving only loyal housekeeper Valeriana until a mysterious young indigenous maid arrives.

A tale of horror and magical realism, the film reimagines the iconic Latin American fable as an urgent metaphor of Guatemala’s recent history and tears open the country’s unhealed political wounds to grieve a seldom discussed crime against humanity.