La La Land: Tom Hanks Praises Musical While Promoting his Own Film, Sully

Tom Hanks shines in playing the titular role, Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, in Clint Eastwood’s biopic, Sully, about the so-called “Miracle on the Hudson” back in 2009.


World premiering at the Telluride Film Fest to good (if not distinguished), reviews, Sully will be released by Warner this Friday, Sep 9.

The role might land Hanks, already a two-time Oscar winner, yet another (his fifth) Best Actor Oscar nod.

But the actor can’t seem to keep himself stopping from praising a movie he’s not at the Colorado event to promote: Damien Chazelle’s La La Land.


Speaking at a Q&A session for Sully, a biopic about the US Airways pilot who successfully landed an Airbus on the Hudson River in 2009, Hanks interrupted a discussion about the film to praise Lionsgate’s La La Land, which had its world premiere at the Venice Film Fest and its North American premiere at Telluride on Friday.


Said Hanks, “We are all doomed if we don’t embrace Damien Chazelle’s new film.”