La Botera: Sabrina Blanco’s Coming of Age Tale, Malaga Fest Award Winner

La Botera (Boat Rower Girl)
Courtesy of Compañía de Cine

La Botera (“Boat Rower Girl”) is Argentine filmmaker Sabrina Blanco’s story of Tati, a teenage girl growing up in Isla Maciel, a poor neighborhood on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, where she lives with a neglectful and troubled single father.

Angered when her father, a local boats man who ferries passengers across the river, decides to sell his boat, Tati sets out to learn how to row.

“The idea arose in 2014 as a result of personal concerns, and my own experiences from social activism, which led me to reflect on the difficulties of growing up for women in low-income class contexts — a topic that I felt was not too much explored,” director Blanco said of her coming of age story.