Docus: Hot Features at 2015 Sundance Film Fest

Montage of a Heck (HBO, Universal International)

DirectorBrett Morgen

The first fully authorized film about the late Nirvana frontman (his daughter, Frances Bean Cobain, executive produced) shares never-before-seen music, art, photos and home movies from the private archives of the musician, who killed himself in 1994.

Montage of Heck, a documentary about Kurt Cobain, premieres at Sundance.

DirectorKirby Dick
Buzz: The team that exposed the prevalence of rape in the military in 2012’s The Invisible Warturns the camera on sexual assault on college campuses. The controversy over Rolling Stone‘sinvestigation on the same topic will stir even more interest in the film.

Director: Amy Berg
Buzz: Berg, who examined Catholic Church sex abuse in 2006’s Deliver Us From Evil and Hollywood abuse in last year’s An Open Secret, takes a look at the polygamous goings-on at the Fundamentalist Church of Latter-Day Saints. Her documentary alleges that the Mormon leaderWarren Jeffs seized control of the church and its assets and dug in his heels on the practices of child marriages and sister wives.