Kaleidoscope: Starring Warren Beatty and Susannah York

A fast-paced “caper” film, “Kaleidoscope,” a genre in vogue in the 1960s and 1970s, stars Warren Beatty and Susannah York.

The film boasts exotic scenery, thrilling imagery, some comedic touches.  The supporting cast includes Clive Revill and Eric Porter.

This was Beatty’s second British film, shot in London and on the French Riviera, by Jack Smight (who directed Paul Newman in “Harper”)

The story is convoluted and labyrinthine, forcing Beatty to run a lot; in the final half hour, he is relentlessly chased by mean villains.

Beatty plays a wealthy American playboy, dilettante and thrill-seeker, who takes up in London with designer Susannah York.  Going to Geneva, he breaks into a playing card factory and etches secret marks on cards destined for European gambling casinos.  At Monte Carlo he makes a fortune with the “fixed” cards, tours other casinos with York, who finally blabs to her father (Clive Revill), who works for the Scotland Yard.

He captures Beatty but promises to let him off if he will assist in capturing an infamous narcotics smuggler (Eric Porter).  Porter likes poker and Beatty lures him into a game, even with unmarked cards.  Porter then lures Beatty to his estate, using York as bait, and gets back his cash.  The young couple tries to escape, and are finally saved by the Scotland Yard.

Beatty, as the all-American card-sharp, proved again, as he did in “Promise Her Anything,” that comedy is not his forte. Harsh critic compared him unfavorably to Sean Connery in his James Bond film.


Warren Beatty (Barney Lincoln)

Susannah York (Angel McGinnis)

Clive Revill (Inspector “Manny” McGinnis)

Eric Porter (Harry Dominion)

Murray Melvin (Aimes)

George Sewell (Billy)

Stanley Meadows (Dominion Captain)

John Junkin (Dominion Porter)

Larry Taylor (Dominion Chauffeur)

Yootha Joyce (Museum Receptionist)


Warner Bros. Picture.

A Winkast Production.

Presented by Jerry Gershner and Elliott Kastner.

Producer: Elliott Kastner.

Director: Jack Smight.

Screenplay: Robert and Jane-Howard Carrington.

From an original story by the Carringtons.

Photography: Christopher Challis.

Music Composer: Stanley Myers.

Conductor: Stanley Myers.

Editor: John Jympson.

Art Director: Maurice Carter.

Set Decorator: David Ffolkes.

Sound: Rusty Coppleman.

Released in Radio City Music Hall, September 22, 1966.

Running time: 103 minutes.