Jungle Book (1942): Oscar-Nominated Adventure from the Korda Brothers

UA (Alexander Korda)

This Oscar-nominated screen version of the Rudyard Kipling’ popular book, done by the Korda brothers (Zoltan directed and Alexander produced), is quite enjoyable as far as children’s adventures go.

In Laurence Stalling’s very loose adaptation of Kipling’s stories, Sabu plays Mowgli, a boy raised by wolves and befriended by other animals. These acquired skills come handy when he grows up and need to take care of his needs.

Most viewers, however, have seen and liked better the Disney animated version.

Oscar Nominations: 4

Cinematography (color): W. Howard Greene
Interior Decoration (color): Vincent Korda, art direction; Julia Heron, set decoration
Scoring (Dramatic or Comedy): Miklos Rozsa
Special Effects: Lawrence Butler, photographic; William H. Wilmarth, sound

Oscar Awards: None

Oscar Context
In 1942, the Cinematography Oscar went to Leon Shamroy for “The Black Swan,” and the Art Direction to “My Gal Sal.” Max Stein won the Scoring Oscar for the Bette Davis melodrama, “Now, Voyager.” The Special Effects kudo honored Cecil B. DeMille’s sea adventure, “Reap the Wild Wind,” starring John Wayne.