Juliet, Naked: Jesse Peretz Romantic Comedy, Starring Ethan Hawke and Rose Byrne

Sundance Film Fest 2018–In the romantic comedy, Juliet, Naked, Jesse Peretz’s adaptation of Nick Hornby’s popular novel, Ethan Hawke plays Tucker Crowe, an obscure American rock star who has released one celebrated album, Juliet, before vanishing two decades ago.

Crowe is still worshipped by British super-fan Duncan (Chris O’Dowd), much to the chagrin of longtime girlfriend Annie (Rose Byrne).

The release of an acoustic demo of Tucker’s record leads to an encounter with the musician himself that forces the couple to make major decisions.

During the post-screening Q&A, Peretz and Hawke said that the biggest challenges of making the film was getting the music right, and making a “classic record” in three days.

Peretz, Hawke, and composer Nathan Larson listened to over 100 songs that had been solicited. Hawke wondered: “What should it be and what should it sound like?” “It’s one thing when you read it in the novel. Your brain just projects your version of what a great album is, but the problem is that everyone’s version of that is different. Having to define it is challenging.”

Hawke liked one speech in particular: “I don’t care what it means to you, it means something to me. In that moment you feel Nick Hornby, who has throughout his career given voice to all of us fans.”

For Hawke, film festivals are crucial: “Without these festivals– and obviously Sundance is the pillar of it–the only barometer for success in the cinema would be money.”

Star of 2018 Sundance Film Fest:

Hawke has three films in the festival this year, including his latest directorial effort Blaze.