Judy Garland’s Complete Retro: All Singin’, All Dancin’, All Judy

I can’t think of a better way to spend some of the long, hot summer days than with the marvelously talented Judy Garland.

On the occasion of what would have been Judy Garland’s 89th birthday, the honorable Film Society of Lincoln Center and The Paley Center have announced the most comprehensive retrospective of the peerless film icon’s work, aptly  titled All Singin’, All Dancin’, All JUDY!

I have not seen all of Judy’s TV work, but I have watched all of her big-screen movies and have written about half of them.  As we get closer to the event, we will review in great detail Judy’s film and TV work. 

I have spent a lot of time with Judy over the past three decades, first while conducting research for my biography of George Cukor (1994), who had directed her in what I consider her strongest dramatic performance, in “A Star Is Born” (1954).  I then rekindled my affair with Judy while researching for my biography (the first) of Vincente Minnelli (2009), Judy’s second husband, with whom she made her most memorable films including the classic “Meet Me in St. Louis” (1944).

The movies will screen at the Walter Reade Theater July 26 – August 9, and The Paley Center’s comprehensive retrospective of Garland’s television work, JUDY GARLAND: THE TELEVISION YEARS which will be presented July 20 – August 18.

With autumn marking the 75th anniversary of Judy Garland’s feature film debut (PIGSKIN PARADE, 1936), the Film Society of Lincoln Center will screen 31 titles from July 26 – August 9, including each of her big-screen acting performances, to pay tribute to the incomparable talent known as Judy Garland.

All but two films will be presented in 35mm, with the two exceptions (THE WIZARD OF OZ and A STAR IS BORN) presented in stunning 4k digital restorations.

All Singin’, All Dancin’, All JUDY! will mark the first-ever United States celebration of Judy Garland’s movies to be presented by an arts organization of this kind as well as being the most complete and comprehensive retrospective of her films since the London National Film Theatre’s program 40 years ago in 1971.

The program will be coordinated with and produced in association with The Paley Center, which will present the first comprehensive retrospective of Judy Garland’s television work called JUDY GARLAND: THE TV YEARS from July 20 – August 18. In addition to highlights from The Judy Garland Show, which allowed her to share the spotlight with such entertainers as Mickey Rooney, Barbra Streisand, Ethel Merman, and Peggy Lee, the screening series will include rarely shown guest spots Garland did on such programs as The Ed Sullivan Show, The Tonight Show, The Sammy Davis Jr. Show, On Broadway Tonight, and The Jack Paar Program.

Highlights of the films being screened at the Walter Reade Theater (165 West 65th Street, between Amsterdam Avenue and Broadway) will include; a sing-along screening (co-presented with NewFest) of THE WIZARD OF OZ (1939); screenings of the Andy Hardy classics that teamed Garland with Mickey Rooney (LOVE FINDS ANDY HARDY (1938), ANDY HARDY MEETS DEBUTANTE (1940) and LIFE BEGINS FOR ANDY HARDY (1941)); classic and beloved musicals (MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS (1944) and EASTER PARADE (1948)); and her Academy Award nominated performances in A STAR IS BORN (1954) and JUDGMENT AT NUREMBERG (1961).

Another highlight will be a presentation of short films and rarities hosted by noted Judy Garland and THE WIZARD OF OZ authority, historian and author, John Fricke on Friday, July 29 at 7:30PM. An Emmy winner and Grammy nominee for his work on various Garland-based documentaries and recordings, Fricke will be on hand throughout the retrospective to discuss and add insight into the film legend’s career. He is an author of several books on the subject of Garland, THE WIZARD OF OZ and L. Frank Baum (the author of The Wizard of Oz), and will be signing copies of his latest book published by Running Press, JUDY: A Legendary Film Career on Friday, August 5 at the Walter Reade.

FSLC Program Director Richard Pena said, “The idea for this series occurred to us when we were presenting the restoration of THE WIZARD OF OZ at the NYFF in 2009. In discovering the amazing number of web sites, festivals and fan clubs still devoted to Judy Garland, it was clear that she is still very much alive and part of our culture. Working with John Fricke, we have been able to assemble an unprecedented panorama of her work. We’re delighted to give Judy Garland fans and New York film goers an opportunity to see one of the truly magical screen icons up on the big screen, where she belongs.”

FILM LINEUP FOR All Singin’, All Dancin’, All JUDY!

Director: George B. Seitz
Faithful pal Betsy Booth (Garland) comes to the aid of small-town Andy (Andy Rooney) when he sets his sights on a wealthy society woman. (35mm)
ANDY HARDY MEETS DEBUTANTE screens Tuesday, August 2 at 6:00PM.

BABES IN ARMS (90min) (1939)
Director: Busby Berkeley
Children of fading vaudevillians reclaim their families’ honor by putting on a show in the barn. Rooney and Garland! Arthur Freed’s first film as head of his own MGM unit! (35mm)
BABES IN ARMS screens Thursday, July 28 at 1:00PM and Monday, August 1 at 6:15PM.

BABES ON BROADWAY (118min) (1941)
Director: Busby Berkeley
A group of aspiring New York performers surmounts all the odds in their efforts to stage a benefit for inner-city children. Rooney and Garland! (35mm)
BABES ON BROADWAY screens Thursday, July 28 at 3:00PM and Monday, August 1 at 8:15PM.

BROADWAY MELODY OF 1938 (110min) (1937)
Director: Roy Del Ruth
The financial backing for a Broadway revue depends on a racehorse, his tap-dancing owner, and her performing partners. Garland’s MGM feature-film debut! (35mm)
BROADWAY MELODY OF 1938 screens Saturday, July 30 at 1:00PM.

A CHILD IS WAITING (102min) (1963)
Director: John Cassavetes
A rootless musician (Garland) seeks stability as a teacher for challenged children, but her emotionalism is deemed counterproductive by the school psychiatrist (Burt Lancaster). (35mm)
A CHILD IN WAITING screens Sunday, August 7 at 8:40PM and Monday, August 8 at 4:15PM.

THE CLOCK (90min) (1945)
Director: Vincente Minnelli
A New York office worker (Garland) meets, loses, and then marries an army corporal (Robert Walker) during his 48-hour leave. (35mm)
THE CLOCK screens Tuesday, July 26 at 9:00PM and Friday, July 29 at 1:30PM.

EASTER PARADE (107min) (1948)
Director: Charles Walters
“The happiest musical ever made” (per the original ad copy): 17 Irving Berlin songs and the only screen teaming of Garland and Astaire. (35mm)
EASTER PARADE screens Friday, August 5 at 6:00PM and Monday, August 8 at 2:00PM.

EVERYBODY SING (91min) (1938)
Director: Edwin L. Marin
The precocious singing daughter (Garland) of a madcap theatrical family saves them from financial ruin, aided by their Russian maid and singing chef. (35mm)
EVERYBODY SING screens Sunday, July 31 at 5:30PM.

FOR ME AND MY GAL (104min) (1942)
Director: Busby Berkeley
Vaudevillians encounter romantic challenges and World War I in their hopes of crashing “the big time”: The Palace Theatre in New York City. (Print courtesy of the Academy Film Archive.) (35mm)
FOR ME AND MY GAL screens Thursday, August 4 at 6:15PM.

GAY PURR-EE (85min) (1962)
Director: Abe Levitow
Chuck Jones co-wrote this innovative cartoon feature about a country cat (voiced by Garland) who seeks adventure in Paris. Songs by Arlen and Harburg. (35mm)
GAY PURR-EE screens Sunday, August 7 at 10:00AM.

GIRL CRAZY (99min) (1943)
Director: Norman Taurog
A Gershwin score enhances the saga of a New York playboy (Rooney) who is sent to a Western agricultural college and chases the dean’s granddaughter (Garland). (35mm)
GIRL, CRAZY screens Tuesday, August 2 at 3:45PM and Sunday, August 7 at 12:30PM.

THE HARVEY GIRLS (102min) (1946)
Director: George Sidney
Overcoming saloon girls, snakes, arson, and amorous complications, a mail-order bride (Garland) turns waitress in the Old West. With Angela Lansbury. (35mm)
THE HARVEY GIRLS screens Monday, August 1 at 4:00PM and Thursday, August 4 at 8:30PM.

I COULD GO ON SINGING (100min) (1963)
Director: Ronald Neame
While appearing at the London Palladium, a legendary singer (Garland) hopes to rekindle an old love (Dirk Bogarde) and reunite with their illegitimate son. Garland’s final film. (35mm)
I COULD GO ON SINGING screens Sunday, August 7 at 6:30PM and Tuesday, August 9 at 3:45PM.

Director: Robert Z. Leonard
Turn-of-the-century Chicago clerks (Garland, and Van Johnson) feud at their music store while carrying on an anonymous lonely-hearts correspondence. (Preservation print courtesy of the UCLA Film & Television Archive.) (35mm)
IN THE GOOD OLD SUMMERTIME screens Saturday, August 6 at 8:30PM.

Director: Stanley Kramer
An all-star cast revisits the moral issues and responsibilities that permeated the post-war Nuremberg trials of Nazi government officials. With Spencer Tracy, Burt Lancaster, Richard Widmark, Marlene Dietrich, Montgomery Clift. (35mm)
JUDGMENT AT NUREMBERG screens Thursday, August 4 at 2:30PM and Sunday, August 7 at 2:45PM.

Director: George B. Seitz
Andy (Rooney) weighs post-graduation options — college or a New York job? — while tempted by a Manhattan “wolfess” and championed by Betsy Booth (Garland). (35mm)
LIFE BEGINS FOR AND HARDY screens Tuesday, August 2 at 8:00PM.

LISTEN, DARLING (75min) (1938)
Director: Edwin L. Marin
To prevent her mother (Mary Astor) from re-marrying for security, a teen (Garland) and her best friend “kidnap” the woman in a trailer. (35mm)
LISTEN, DARLING screens Wednesday, July 27 at 3:30PM and Sunday, July 31 at 12:00PM.

LITTLE NELLIE KELLY (98min) (1940)
Director: Norman Taurog
An immigrant, multi-generational Irish family adjusts to life, loss, and love in New York City. (35mm)
LITTLE NELLIE KELLY screens Friday, July 29 at 8:30PM.

LOVE FINDS ANDY HARDY (91min) (1938)
Director: George B. Seitz
When Andy needs a car and a date for the Christmas Eve dance, the visiting girl-next-door solves his problems. With Lana Turner. (35mm)
LOVE FINDS ANDY HARDY screens Wednesday, July 27 at 1:30PM and Sunday, July 31 at 3:30PM.

MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS (113min) (1944)
Director: Vincente Minnelli
The happy, turn-of-the-century, St. Louis existence of The Smith Family is threatened when Mr. Smith is offered a job in New York. (35mm)
MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS screens Tuesday, July 26 at 6:15PM, Friday, July 29 at 3:30PM and Tuesday, August 9 at 6:00PM.

PIGSKIN PARADE (93min) (1936)
Director: David Butler
A hillbilly melon-thrower and his musical kid sister propel a Texas college to singing, dancing, and gridiron victory. Garland’s feature debut! (35mm)
PIGSKIN PARADE screens Saturday, July 30 at 3:15PM.

THE PIRATE (102min) (1948)
Director: Vincente Minnelli
Cole Porter wrote the songs for this tongue-in-cheek romp about a Caribbean girl (Garland) in love with the legend of a ruthless seaman (Gene Kelly). (35mm)
THE PIRATE screens Tuesday, July 26 at 4:00PM and Saturday, July 30 at 5:30PM.

PRESENTING LILY MARS (104min) (1943)
Director: Norman Taurog
Indiana teen makes good on Broadway (eventually) thanks to a producer from her hometown and despite his temperamental leading lady. (Preservation print courtesy of the UCLA Film & Television Archive.) (35mm)
PRESENTING LILY MARS screens Wednesday, August 3 at 6:15PM.

A STAR IS BORN (181min) (1954)
Director: George Cukor
A band singer (Garland) is touted to Hollywood stardom by an alcoholic film legend (James Mason), but their evolving love is undercut by the industry’s machinations. (DCP)
A STAR IS BORN screens Sunday, July 31 at 7:30PM, Friday, August 5 at 2:15PM and Tuesday, August 9 at 8:15PM.

STRIKE UP THE BAND (120min) (1940)
Director: Busby Berkeley
Midwestern teens fight all the odds to get their high school swing band to Chicago for a radio contest. Rooney and Garland! (Preservation print courtesy of the Academy Film Archive.) (35mm)
STRIKE UP THE BAND screens Friday, July 29 at 6:00PM and Wednesday, August 3 at 1:30PM.

SUMMER STOCK (108min) (1950)
Director: Charles Walters
A Connecticut barn becomes a summer theater, thanks to its singing/dancing owner and the performing troupe of a New York actor/director. (35mm)
SUMMER STOCK screens Saturday, August 6 at 6:10PM and Tuesday, August 9 at 1:30PM.

Director: Alfred E. Green, 1937
A boarding house manager, her niece, a British boy, and an American jockey thwart crooked bookies prior to the big race. (35mm)
THOROUGHBREDS DON’T CRY screens Sunday, July 31 at 1:45PM.

TILL THE CLOUDS ROLL BY (132min) (1947)
Director: Richard Whorf
In this “bio-pic,” the life of composer Jerome Kern is musically celebrated by an all-star MGM roster; Garland portrays Broadway’s Marilyn Miller. (35mm)
TILL THE CLOUDS ROLL BY screens Friday, August 5 at 8:30PM.

THE WIZARD OF OZ (101min) (1939) – Co-presented by NewFest
Director: Victor Fleming
A Kansas girl travels with a Scarecrow, Tin Man, Lion (and Toto, too) through the magical, musical land of Munchkins, witches, and the Wonderful Wizard. (35mm – Regular version) (DCP – Sing-along version)
THE WIZARD OF OZ screens Saturday, July 30 (Sing-along version) at 11:30AM and Wednesday, August 3 (Regular version) at 4:00PM.

ZIEGFELD FOLLIES (110min) (1946)
Director: Vincente Minnelli
From an elegant Heavenly perch, legendary impresario Florenz Ziegfeld envisions a new edition of his Follies, as populated by MGM. (35mm)
ZIEGFELD FOLLIES screens Tuesday, July 26 at 1:45PM and Saturday, July 30 at 8:00PM.

ZIEGFELD GIRL (132min) (1941)
Director: Robert Z. Leonard
A teen vaudevillian, an elevator operator, and a faithful wife face personal repercussions when selected to perform in the legendary Ziegfeld Follies. (35mm)
ZIEGFELD GIRL screens Wednesday, August 3 at 8:30PM.

Screenings will be held at the Film Society of Lincoln Center’s Walter Reade Theater, located at 165 West 65th Street, between Amsterdam Avenue and Broadway.

SCREENING SCHEDULE FOR All Singin’, All Dancin’, All JUDY!

Screening Venue:
The Film Society of Lincoln Center – Walter Reade Theater
165 West 65 Street, between Broadway & Amsterdam (upper level)

Tuesday, July 26
4:00PM THE PIRATE (102min)
6:15PM MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS (113min)
9:00PM THE CLOCK (90min)

Wednesday, July 27
3:30PM LISTEN, DARLING (75min)

Thursday, July 28
1:00PM BABES IN ARMS (90min)

Friday, July 29
12:30PM THE CLOCK (90min)
2:30PM MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS (113min)
5:00PM STRIKE UP THE BAND (120min)
7:30PM Special presentation – Short Films and Rarities presented by John Fricke (85min)

Saturday, July 30
10:30AM THE WIZARD OF OZ (Sing-along version) (101min)
**Movies for Kids
1:00PM BROADWAY MELODY OF 1938 (110min)
5:30PM THE PIRATE (102min)

Sunday, July 31
12:00PM LISTEN, DARLING (75min)
7:30PM A STAR IS BORN (181min)

Monday, August 1
4:00PM THE HARVEY GIRLS (102min)
6:15PM BABES IN ARMS (90min)

Tuesday, August 2
1:30PM FOR ME AND MY GAL (104min)
3:45PM GIRL CRAZY (99min)

Wednesday, August 3
1:30PM STRIKE UP THE BAND (120min)
4:00PM THE WIZARD OF OZ (101min)
8:30PM ZIEGFELD GIRL (132min)

Thursday, August 4
6:15PM FOR ME AND MY GAL (104min)
8:30PM THE HARVEY GIRLS (102min)

Friday, August 5
2:15PM A STAR IS BORN (181min)
6:00PM EASTER PARADE (107min)

Saturday, August 6
6:10PM SUMMER STOCK (108min)

Sunday, August 7
10:00AM GAY PURR-EE (85min) **Movies for Kids
12:30PM GIRL CRAZY (99min)
8:40PM A CHILD IS WAITING (102min)

Monday, August 8
2:00PM EASTER PARADE (107min)
4:15PM A CHILD IS WAITING (102min)

Tuesday, August 9
1:30PM SUMMER STOCK (108min)
6:00PM MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS (113min)
8:15PM A STAR IS BORN (181min)


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