Je M’Appelle…. Hmmm: French Melodrama about Sexually Abused Girl

French fashion designer Agnes B. (aka Agnès Troublé) makes an honorable writing and directing debut with “Je MÁppelle Hmmm,” a melodrama about the peculiar relationship between a young girl, who escapes home, and a trcuk driver.

Celine is an 11-year-old girl who takes care of her younger siblings because her mother works late hours. Her father is unemployed and sexually abusive, and the young girl is so terrified that she will not talk about the traumatic experience to anyone.

During a school trip to the Atlantic coast, Celine escapes and seeks refuge in the sleeping area of an unlocked truck. When she wakes up, the driver has long since gone back on the road.

Considering that this is a first film, Agnes B. show a good eye for visual storytelling.

The film played at the 2013 New York, Venice, Glasgow and other Film Festivals

Distributor: Films Boutique

Starring: Sylvie Testud, Jacques Bonnaffé, Lou-Lélia Demerliac

Running time: 121 min.