Jaws 3-D (1983): Joe Avent’s Third Chapter in the Jaws Franchise, Starring Dennis Quaid, Lea Thompson

Joe Alves directed Jaws 3-D (aka Jaws III), a sequel thriller, starring Dennis Quaid, Bess Armstrong, Lea Thompson and Louis Gossett, Jr.

It is the second sequel to Spielberg’s Jaws and the third installment in the Jaws franchise.

The film follows the Brody children from the previous films to SeaWorld, a Florida marine park with underwater tunnels and lagoons.

As the park prepares for opening, a young great white shark infiltrates the park from the sea, attacking and killing the park’s employees.

Once the shark is captured, it becomes apparent that a second, much larger shark also entered the park and was the real culprit.

The film made use of 3D during a revived interest in the technology in the 1980s, amongst other horror films such as Friday the 13th Part III and Amityville 3-D.

Audiences could wear disposable cardboard polarized 3D glasses to create the illusion that elements penetrate the screen.

Several shots and sequences were designed to utilize the effect, such as the shark’s destruction.

Since 3D was ineffective at home-viewing until the advent of 3D televisions in the late 2000s, the alternative title Jaws III is used for TV broadcasts and home media.

Despite commercial success, Jaws 3-D received overwhelmingly negative reviews and was followed by Jaws: The Revenge in 1987.