Jagged Edge (1985): Marquand’s Psychological Thriller, Starring Glenn Close, Jeff Bridges, and Robert Loggia in Oscar-Nominated Performance

Visually Slick, mostly compelling, and in moments even erotic and sexy, Richard Marquand’s psychological thriller “Jagged Edge” is a gut-twisting mass entertainment, but it is vastly enjoyable, due to the expert performances of Jeff Bridges, Glenn Close, and Robert Loggia.
The tightly knit script by Joe Eszterhas (who would become famous for writing “Basic Instinct”) is manipulative, and occasionally even dishonest—even by standards of thrillers. But it’s based on a workable premise: a socialite is brutally murdered with a jagged-edged knife and her husband, a San Francisco newspaper magnate (Jeff Bridges), is suspected of executing the crime.
A bright but vulnerable female lawyer (Glenn Close) decides to defend him, but in the process, she loses control of her better faculties and falls in love with him
Marquand’s direction is taut and satisfying, and the tension builds up gradually all the way to the scary, well-executed climax, set in Close’s bedroom.
The acting is superb all around. Bridges is well cast as a handsome man who possesses everything: money, luxury, and power. Peter Coyote plays well the tough and sleazy District Attorney, who simply refuses to believe his innocence.
Close, just on the verge of becoming a major star (in “Fatal Attraction,” in 1987), also excels as a disillusioned lawyer who is sick of Coyote’s disreputable methods.
Close has a great rapport with her beer-guzzying, foul-mouthed mentor (played by vet actor Robert Loggia in an Oscar-nominated turn).
Zeitgeist Film:
The typewriter plays key role in the plot of the film, which was made just as computers were becoming popular in America.
Oscar Alert
Oscar Nominations: 1
Supporting Actor: Robert Loggia
Oscar Awards: None
Oscar Context:
The winner of the Best Supporting Actor Oscar was vet Don Ameche for the comedy Cocoon.