It’s a Gift (1934): McLeod Comedy, Starring W. C. Fields

W. C. Fields dominates every frame of the comedy It’s a Gift, directed by Norman McLeod.

This was the sixteenth sound film, and his fifth in 1934 alone of the prolific actor during the Depression era.

The tale depicts the trials and tribulations of a grocer as he battles with al around him: a shrewish wife (Kathleen Howard), an incompetent assistant, and assorted annoying children, customers, and salesmen.

The film contains certain routines and sketches that Fields had developed before, such ‘The Picnic,” “A Joy Ride,” ‘The Back Porch.”

Critics have pointed out that, thematically, Fields has often played an “ordinary everyman” resenting and fighting domestic entrapment.

It’s one of several Paramount movies, in which Fields appeared with child actor Baby LeRoy, as co-star.

Release Date: November 17, 1934

Running time: 68 Minutes