Indiscreet (1958): Stanley Donen’s Romantic Comedy, Starring Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman

Adapted by Norman Krasna from his play “Kind Sir,” Indiscreet reteams Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman for the second time, after appearing in Hitchcock’s 1946 masterpiece, Notorious.

Ingrid Bergman plays Anna Kalman, a wealthy actress, and Cary Grant is Philip Adams, an international financial wizard.

While Philip is visiting London, Anna’s sister Margaret (Phyllis Calvert) and brother-in-law Alfred Munson (Cecil Parker) introduce him to Anna.

Philip pretends to be married in order to avoid romantic tangles. Anna, however, finds the prospect of an affair with a married man to be quite exhilarating. When she discovers the truth, Anna gets even with the now-smitten Philip by faking a romance with an ex-boyfriend; she orders a luckless chauffeur (David Kossoff) to pose as her beau.

This romantic comedy, fluffy to be sure, was made for mature audiences and was more successful as a film than as a stage play due to the charisma of the stars and the chemistry between them.

Director Stanley Donen would go on to make more stylish and entertaining comedies in the 1960s, some with Grant (“Charade,” opposite Audrey Hepburn).

Running time: 105 minutes.

Directed by Stanley Donen

Written by Norman Krasna

Released: May 20, 1958