In Between Dying: Preview of Hilal Baydarov’s Dreamlike, Enigmatic Journey (Venice Fest World Premiere)

A Film by Hilal Baydarov
Davud is a misunderstood, restless young man in search of his ‘true’ family, those whom he feels certain will bring love and therefore meaning to his life. Over the course of one strange day, pursued by men he has crossed and sure this day will be his last, Davud’s search leads him to encounters with a number of unexpected deaths and a series of women striving to liberate themselves from subjugation.
As he journeys, each death and each liberation causes invisible memories and self-constructed narratives to rise to the surface of his consciousness.
Davud is propelled into a journey of self-discovery that leads him finally back to the place he has always lived, and the love that was always there.
Director Hilal Baydarov takes us on a dreamlike and enigmatic journey through a world of shifting structures, resisting narrative in favor of empathy, reason in favor of intuition, and irony in favor of curiosity.
Shot against the vast landscapes of rural Azerbaijan and accompanied by an exquisite soundscape, In Between Dying is a powerful visualization of humanity on its fundamental quest for meaning.
“Baydarov sent me his films and I found them to be so rooted in a tradition of cinema that is today an endangered species – and at the same time so mystical. I felt grateful for the depth and the originality of this vision and thought I would be lucky if I could contribute in any way to Hilal’s possibilities of making more films.” Carlos Reygadas, Co-Producer

Landscape, atmosphere, light, essentialization, a meditation on the state of the world coming not from reason, narration, words, but from empathy, intuition, senses. You feel while watching In Between Dying how time flows, how relevant are the irrelevant moments of life–each of them bringing us closer to the end, through this unbearable paradise called life.” Cristian Mungiu, Supporter and Consultant

Director: Hilal Baydarov (“Where the Persimmons Grew,” “Hills Without Names”)
Produced by Hilal Baydarov, Elshan Abbasov
Co-Produced by Joslyn Barnes, Carlos Reygadas
Executive Produced by Danny Glover