I’m Losing You: By Bruce Wagner

This indie film, produced by Killer Films, was released by Lionsgate a whole year after its world premiere at the 1998 Toronto Film Fest.

Based on a screenplay by the Hollywood insider Bruce Wagner, who also makes a directorial debut, I’m Losing You was a commercial flop–even by indie terms.

The iconic title of the film refers, of course, not only to the loss of life and love, but also to a phrase used by most Angelenos while talking on cellular phones, which were becoming popular at the time.

A melodrama of a wealthy Los Angeles family, the tale dissectsthe journey each member after a traumatic death in the family.

“I’m Losing You” follows the path of each character after a cataclysmic event: the death of Bertie’s young daughter Tiffany in what is seemingly an “accident”.  The family comes closer together in the wake of such an event, seeking to recover from a blow that has driven each one to near madness.