I Want You (1951): Mark Robson’s Korean War Family Drama, Starring Farley Granger and Dana Andrews

In I Want You, a Cold War era film directed by Mark Robson, Farley Granger co-stars with Dana Andrews as siblings facing the dilemma of whether or not to join the war effort.

Set in the early summer of 1950, the tale centers on Martin Greer, the owner of a small construction company. An Army combat engineer for 4 years during WWII, he and wife Nancy have two children.

Employee George Kress asks Martin to write a letter to the Selective Service System stating that his son, George Jr., is “indispensable” for their company and thus exempt from the draft. Martin refuses, and George Jr. joins the Army as the Korean War begins.

Martin’s younger brother Jack is in love with college student Carrie Turner, daughter of the judge on the local draft board. Despite a trick knee he is drafted; Jack suspects that her father, who opposes their relationship, is the reason.

Jack and Martin’s mother, who lost a son during the last war, asks Martin to write an “indispensable” letter for his brother. He seriously considers it but does not do so, and Nancy criticizes Jack for his reluctance to serve.

Jack joins the Army, where he briefly sees George Jr. before the latter goes to Korea. When the Army reports that George Jr. is missing in action, his father blames Martin. Martin’s former superior, who has rejoined the military, asks Martin to join him. Although eligible for exemptions, Martin agrees.

In the end, Jack and Carrie marry during a furlough before he also goes overseas.

Simplistic and wearing it’s message on its sleeves, it was produced by Samuel Goldwyn, who hired top talent, such as novelist Irving Shaw, to work on the picture.

Oscar Nominations:  1

Sound Recording: Gordon Sawyer

Oscar Awards

Oscar Context:

The winner was Douglas Shearer for The Great Caruso.

Dana Andrews as Martin Greer
Dorothy McGuire as Nancy
Farley Granger as Jack
Robert Keith as Thomas Greer
Peggy Dow as Carrie Turner
Mildred Dunnock as Sarah
Martin Milner as George Kress, Jr.
Jim Backus as Harry


I am grateful to TCM for showing the film on March 2, 2020.