I May Destroy You: Michaela Coel’s Highly Acclaimed British Dramedy

Michaela Coel created, written, co-directed, and executive produced I May Destroy You, the highly acclaimed British comedy-drama TV series.

I May Destroy You
I May Destroy You intertitle.png

Set in London, the series stars Coel as Arabella, a young woman who seeks to rebuild her life after being raped.

The series premiered on June 8, 2020 on BBC One and on June 7 on HBO.

Coel plays Arabella, a Twitter-star-turned-novelist who found fame with her debut book “Chronicles of a Fed-Up Millennial,” leading to her public celebration as a Millennial icon.

While struggling to meet a deadline for her second book, she takes a break from work to meet up with friends on a night out in London.

The following morning, she struggles to remember what has happened to her. Later, she recalls the events of the night with the help of her friends Terry (Weruche Opia) and Kwame (Paapa Essiedu).

Dealing with the issue of sexual assault is challenging even when it’s done as a serious drama, so it is to the credit of the multi-talented Coelwith that she has created a subtly complex and courageous show that’s as emotionally touching as it is darkly humorous.

Here is an original show that is a product of thinking outside the box, pushing thematic and tonal boundaries, while reflecting the zeitgeist in the post Me Too era.



Michaela Coel as Arabella Essiedu, a writer
Weruche Opia as Terry Pratchard, Arabella’s best friend and a struggling actor
Paapa Essiedu as Kwame, Arabella’s best friend

Created and written by Michaela Coel
Directed by Sam Miller, Michaela Coel
No. of series 1
No. of episodes 12
Executive producer(s): Michaela Coel. Phil Clarke, Roberto Troni, Sam Miller, Jo McLellan
Producer(s): Simon Meyers, Simon Maloney
Production location(s)
London, England
Ostia, Italy
Cinematography Adam Gillham
Editor(s): Christian Sandino-Taylor, Lindsey Woodward, Mike Phillips, Guy Bensley
John Dwelly, Amy Hounsell

Running time 28–35 minutes

Production company(s): Various Artists Limited, FALKNA Productions

Release: BBC One (UK); HBO (US), June 7, 2020