I Am Hungry, I Am Cold: Chantal Akerman’s 1984 Short

(J’ai faim, j’ai froid)

(France, 1984, 13 min.)

Two penniless (and underage) runaways scamper across Paris, practice kissing, sing for their supper, and nonchalantly cast aside desiring men.

Producer: Marc Labrousse. Screenwriter: Chantal Akerman. Cinematographers: Luc Benhamou, Gilles Arnaud, Luis Peracta. Sound: François de Morand, Jean-Paul Loublier. Editor: Francine Sandberg. With: Maria de Medeiros, Pascale Salkin, Esmoris Hannibal. 35mm, in French, no subtitles, 13 min.

The print is not subtitled, but text of the (minimal) dialogue will be distributed before the screening.

Translation: Charlotte Maconochie/A Nos Amours 2014