Hugh Grant: British Tabloids Horrific Invasion of his Privacy

Hugh Grant Details British Tabloids Horrific Invasion of Privacy


Hugh Grant
Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images for WarnerMedia

Hugh Grant on Thursday went into detail about the unbelievable lengths British tabloids went in order to invade his life for a story.

While speaking with Marc Maron on his podcast, the actor said that only recently had he learned of some of the most disturbing details. The news comes to light as British tabloids are under heavy criticism for the treatment of Meghan Markle, who recently told Oprah Winfrey she was suicidal for a time due to all the stress.

Grant shot to superstardom after starring in the 1994 comedy classic, Four Weddings and a Funeral. His privacy would never be the same, he told Maron.

“It wasn’t just my cell phone messages that were being accessed, it was also my home line,” Grant said of the tabloids’ efforts. “For years and years, they were listening.” He continued, “And my medical records [were stolen]. And my car had bugs put into it so they knew where I was.”

Grant said he learned of the treachery from the very private investigators who once worked for the tabloids who themselves are now helping actors combat them.

“They’re so pissed the editors, executives and owners of these newspapers have got away scotfree, while some of these footsoldiers have gone to jail, that they are now coming over to our side and spilling the beans,” Grant said.

Describing the deeds as both “fascinating” and “horrific,” Grant said he finds it “heartwarming” now to better understand from firsthand sources. He explained that he has a yearly party at which some of the investigators who once targeted him attend.

One year, a man who previously broke into Grant’s apartment showed up, the actor said. “And they love to say at these parties, ‘Now, Hugh, I don’t think you’ve met Nobby. He broke into your flat in 1999.’ And I have to go, ‘Hi, Nob. Welcome. Make yourself at home. I think you know where everything is.'”