His Butler’s Sister (1943): Franck Borzage’s Oscar-Nominated Tale, Starring Deanna Durbin as Ann Carter Franchot Tone, Pat O’Brien, Akim Tamiroff

Oscar winner Frank (Bad Girl) Borzage directed His Butler’s Sister, an Oscar-nominated star vehicle for the popular star Deanna Durbin, who sings in the film.

The supporting cast includes Franchot Tone, Pat O’Brien, Akim Tamiroff, Evelyn Ankers and Hans Conried.

Oscar Context:

The film was nominated for an Oscar for Best Sound Recording (Bernard B. Brown).

Ann Carter visits New York City to see her half-brother, and to start a music career. He works as a butler for Charles Gerard, a Broadway producer, so Ann gets a job working for him as a maid.

Durbin performs a notable medley of Russian folk songs including “Yamschtschick,” “Kalitka” and “Two Guitars.” (American Film Institute Catalog)

Deanna Durbin as Ann Carter
Franchot Tone as Charles Gerard
Pat O’Brien as Martin Murphy
Akim Tamiroff as Popoff
Alan Mowbray as Buzz Jenkins
Walter Catlett as Mortimer Kalb
Elsa Janssen as Severina
Evelyn Ankers as Elizabeth Campbell
Frank Jenks as Emmett
Sig Arno as Moreno
Hans Conried as Reeves
Florence Bates as Lady Sloughberry
Roscoe Karns as Fields
Russell Hicks as Sanderson
Andrew Tombes as Brophy
Stephanie Bachelor as Dot Stanley
Marion Pierce as Margaret Howard
Iris Adrian as Sunshine Twin
Robin Raymond as Sunshine Twin