Hot Blood: Nicholas Ray’s Melodrama, Starring Jane Russell and Cornel Wilde

Nicholas Ray directed Hot Blood a Technicolor musical melodrama, starring Jane Russell and Cornel Wilde.

Marco Torino (Luther Adler), king of the gypsies in southern California, who’s terminally ill, wants his younger brother to succeed him, but Stephano (Cornel Wilde) is determined to become a dancer instead.

Marco arranges a marriage for his brother to Annie Caldash (Jane Russell), a sexy gypsy. Stephano angers her father Theodore (Joseph Calleia) and brother Xano (James H. Russell) by resisting Annie’s charms and refusing to marry her.

Jane Russell as Annie Caldash
Cornel Wilde as Stephano Torino
Luther Adler as Marco Torino
Joseph Calleia as Papa Theodore
James H. Russell as Xano
Nina Koshetz as Nita Johnny
Helen Westcott as Velma
Mikhail Rasumny as Old Johnny
Wally Russell as Bimbo


Directed by Nicholas Ray
Produced by Harry Tatelman, Howard Welsch
Written by Jean Evans, Jesse Lasky Jr.

Music by Les Baxter
Cinematography: Ray June
Edited by Otto Ludwig
Distributed by Columbia Pictures
Release date: March 1956
Running time: 85 minutes