Hollywood Foreign Press: One Scandal After Another for Troubled Association

Press Conference Transcripts Shed Light on HFPA (Mis)Behavior

In one interview, Tom Cruise was asked about taking his clothes off in ‘Magnolia,’ whereas Denise Richards was asked, “Have you ever made love to another woman before?”

Members’ conduct has become a hot-button issue amid revelations of the HFPA’s lack of diversity and after stars like Scarlett Johansson have spoken out against the group. Johansson revealed in May that she refused for years to participate in the HFPA press conferences due to “sexist questions and remarks by certain HFPA members that bordered on sexual harassment.”

The Hollywood Reporter received transcripts from HFPA press conferences that align with Johansson’s claims.


Golden Globe statuettes

In one interview, Tom Cruise was asked about taking his clothes off in Magnolia. HFPA member Frances Schoenberger said she was speechless when he disrobed and asked if he “put something in your pants.” Responded Cruise (who vowed to return his Golden Globe trophies), “I don’t know whether I should feel complimented or insulted.”

The line of questioning continued as to why he wasn’t fully naked and, again, if he “put something” in his underwear. “Are you joking?” Cruise asked, before saying “this is why I don’t do scenes like this.”

Rupert Everett was repeatedly asked about “being a gigolo,” while Denise Richards was asked, “Have you ever made love to another woman before?” To which the actress replied, “Excuse me? I have no comments on my personal sex life.”

A rep for Richards declined to comment while Cruise’s rep could not be reached for comment.